Pre-Planning Your Funeral Arrangements

To pre-plan your funeral is one of the greatest gifts you can give your family. When you pre-arrange your funeral, you give your family a gift of peace of mind.

Without planning, a family is forced to make many decisions and choices in a time of distress. Much of this stress can be eliminated by the simple act of pre-arrangement.

At Integrity Funeral Services we’ll walk you through the pre-planning process at no charge to you.

We’ll help you write down your wishes and instructions, and guide you through the choices to make. We’ll give you a copy of the resulting document, and will keep one on file so your family will — if you so choose — only have to make one call to Integrity Funeral Services when that final emergency happens.

The benefits? People of all ages tell us that they feel great after making their own final arrangements. There is peace that comes from knowing you have eliminated a huge financial and emotional burden for your loved ones.

Prepaid Funeral Expenses

Most of us plan every aspect of our lives. We save for financial goals, we plan vacations. We purchase insurance to cover our home and automobiles, and medical coverage to help pay in the event of injuries or illnesses.

For many families, it is a wise decision to pre-fund the cost of a funeral. Pre-funding allows you to prepare for the inevitable and pay for the related costs in advance. And like everything else, funeral costs will rise over time.

The benefits of prepaid funeral arrangements:

  • Pay for tomorrow’s funeral at today’s prices. This enables you to lock down a predictable budget so there are no surprises later.
  • Simplicity. The funeral bill can be paid with the funds you have set aside for your final expenses. You won’t have to rely on family or friends to pay your final bills, or wait for payment of regular life insurance.
  • With prepaid funeral plans, you avoid the emotional overspending that often takes place when the wishes of the deceased are not known.
  • If the funding is done through life insurance, there is no income tax liability of the death benefit growth.
  • Funding flexibility. You can use a single payment bank trust, annuities, or a “final expense” insurance policy to pay for your anticipated expenses.

We are proud to offer final expense whole life insurance coverage through ForeThought Life Insurance Company of Batesville, IN.