Integrity Funeral Services is pleased to offer a wide selection of caskets for sale. Casket prices vary; please see our casket price list below. Prices effective as of 2/1/12 (prices subject to change without notice)

Kinsey Embossed Doe Steel Finish with Ivory Crepe Interior $715
Alex Truman Brown/Grey $897
Claire Non Gasket Powder Blue $1,495
Liberty Blue/Silver $1,722
Praying Hands White with Pink Crepe Interior $1,910
Classic Ebony $1,995
Horizon Gasket 18 Gauge (Variety of Colors) $2,095
Waterford Poplar Poplar Oak with a Pecan Gloss $2,095
Princeton Oak Linen Beige $2,335
Lexington Cherry or oak $2,408
Sherwood Poplar Rosetan Crepe $2,607
Muskego Poplar Rosetan Crepe $2,795
Oak Leaf Poplar Rosetan Crepe $2,795
Pieta Gold with Eggshell Velvet $3,390

Outer Burial Container Price List

Treemont Plastic Lined — Sealed $1,600
Hampton Polystyrene Lined — Sealed $1,400
Oxford/Honor Polystyrene Lined — Sealed $1,000
Imperial Asphalt Coated — Sealed $850
Grave Box Non-Protective $650

Integrity Funeral Services, makes no representations or warranties regarding the casket/outer burial container listed above. The only warranties expressed or implied, granted in connection with outer burial containers are the express written warranties, if any, extended by the manufacturers thereof. Integrity Funeral Services hereby expressly disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, relating to the outer burial containers, including, but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.